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PADAM Cables secure you from voltage fluctuations, short-circuits and fire hazards because each wire and cable is made of purest, bright and annealed electrolytic grade copper, which enables them to give smooth flow of current. The wires and cable are checked and tested at each stage of production.


We are presenting here only a limited range and size of our wires and cables. If you have requirement of any wires and cables of a particular size, email or contact us and we will promptly respond to your enquiry

PADAM Brand Wires and Cables have been designed and made keeping in mind the various spheres of consumption like household, multistoried hotels, industrial units, electronic appliances and telecommunication systems etc. PADAM Brand wires and cables are ISI marked. PADAM Copper conductors are insulated with a special PVC compound which provides high insulation resistance and prevents electrical leakage. It secures you from voltage fluctuations, short circuits and fire. The process of quality control tests are carried out at various stages of manufacturing. PADAM wires and cables also go through stringent on-line high voltage tests, ensuring no weak spot. PADAM cables are ideal for conduit and concealed wiring, as they are flexible and do not snap when bent around corners.

Cables are available in Domestic (House Wires), Flexible (Multistrand), Telephone (single to 50 pairs), Parallel and Flat Twin and Co-Axial, Copper Round Flexible, Twin and Multi Core, Submersible Cables, Auto Cables, Copper & Power Control Cables, Armoured & Unarmoured Cables, Aluminium Twin & Multi-Core Cables.

House Wiring Cables are available in different sizes as follows:

1/18, 3/22, 3/20, 7/22, 7/20, 7/18, 7/16, 7/14, 19/18, 19/16, 19/14 and 37/16

(MM): 14/0.3, 22/0.3, 28/0.3, 44/0.3 and 65/0.3

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