List of PADAM Brand Electrical products bearing ISI/ISO Certification



Certification & Specification

PVC Wires and Cables

ISI Marked IS:694 & IS:1554

MCBs and Distribution Boxes

ISI Marked IS:8828-96

PVC Self Adhesive Insulation Tape

ISI Marked IS:7809 (Part III)

Fluorescent Tube Lights

ISI Marked IS:2418

G.L.S. Bulbs (25-200 Watts)

ISI Marked IS:418

Sodium, Mercury & Metal Halide Bulbs

DGS&D Approved

Electrical Accessories (Switches, Sockets etc.)

ISI Marked IS:1293 & IS:3854

Fittings for Lighting (SV & MV) Including commercial lighting

ISI Marked IS:1534 & IS:10322

Monoblock Pumps

ISO 9002 & ISI (IS:8472)

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

LVD Tested

Fresh Air Fans

ISI Marked IS:996 (only motor)

Cool Air Pump & Kits

ISI Marked IS:11951

Electric Immersion Rods

ISI Marked IS:368-92 & IS:302-2-201

Light & Heavy Weight Irons

ISI Marked IS:302-2-3

Heat Convector

ISO 9002 

Heating Elements

Made from pure Nichrome Wire

Caping 'n' Casing

With flexible Technology

Halogen lamp 500 & 1000 Watt

With Sate-of-Art Modern Technology

Power Inverter

PWM Technology


PWM Technology

Products to be launched shortly and in the process of ISI Certification:

Conduit Pipes


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