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Shri Padam Sain Gupta, who started thirty years ago a Trading Company for Electrical Products, is the founder of Padam Electricals Limited, a multi-product company under his dynamic entrepreneurship, clear vision and leadership qualities. Now his sons Shri Raman Gupta & Shri Mukesh Gupta, through their modern management techniques and entrepreneurship are continuing the legacy to achieve new heights. 

While Shri Padam Sain Gupta is the founder of the group, Shri Raman Gupta and Shri Mukesh Gupta are the true followers of the principles of honesty, dedication and hardwork which have been so dear to their father. They are steering the PADAM Group from strength to strength continuously over the years. Shri Raman Gupta is engaged in adding lighting products to the existing range and opening new avenues for import and export of various products and development of business with government agencies. Shri Mukesh Gupta is involved in developing and creating markets for the entire range of quality electrical  products. They have within a short span of time achieved unparalleled growth with their foresightedness and by applying modern management concepts.

PADAM brand has not only become house hold name but the products have also found vast aggressive market and huge clientele with various Industries, Builders, Electrical Contractors and many Government organizations.

Most of PADAM brand products bear ISI and ISO 9002 certification mark and registered with Director General Supply and Disposals (DGS&D) by virtue of their quality. The upcoming pages will illustrate and showcase complete know-how about us...

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